To register and pay at the track, please fill out the form below. Entry fees are $45 per car per day ($50 after May 8th for Albuquerque).

No practice the week prior to event, including Friday. The racing surface will be closed starting the evening of Sunday, May 14th and will reopen Saturday for the first round of practice.

Race Registration

Race fees are $45 per car in advance ($50 after May 8th)


Parking is $50/spot for the entire weekend for paved and $25/spot for gravel. Row 3 is free parking (limit 2 per family). Please contact for reserving a spot.

TENTATIVE Schedule of Events – Albuquerque


Friday, May 19th
10am-8pm – Parking
5pm-8pm – Sign ins and pill draw open (you can still draw a pill Saturday morning and not lose your position)
6pm – Club hosted welcome dinner

Saturday, May 20th
7:30am – Late Sign ins
8:00am – Driver/Handler Meeting
1 Round of Controlled Practice (2 min, 5 cars max)
Break (Approx. 45 min but subject to change)
1 Round of Heats
Break (Approx. 45 min but subject to change)
Lower Mains (If Necessary)
A Mains

Sunday, May 21st
7:30am – Late Sign ins
8:00am – Driver/Handler Meeting
8:30am – 1 Round of Heats
Break (Approx. 45 min but subject to change)
Lower Mains (if Necessary)
A Mains
Raffle Drawings
Awards for both days


The track will not supply fuel. You need to purchase 89 Octane from the Loves Travel Stop at 12605 Central Ave NW, I-40 · Exit 149, Albuquerque, NM 87121 (same exit as the exit for the track). Remember to drain your tank completely and use fuel purchased the morning of the race. A sample from the Loves station will be taken and cars that are subjected to post-race Tech Inspection may be checked for proper gas, at the discretion of the Tech Director. If post-race testing indicates improper fuel and/or additives, it will result in a race disqualification.


You must run the same right side tires in the main event that you do in the heat race. You may put new right side tires on for Sunday’s heat race but must also run those tires in the A main. You may run a different set for lowers but your heat race tires must be put back on for the main. Run as many left side tires as you like.

*NOTE - This form will automatically reset upon completion so you can add more drivers.
Parking is $50/spot for the weekend. Max 2 spots per family.

Drivers Pre-Registered for May 20th & 21st (Rounds 3 & 4) in Albuquerque, NM

Red Rookie:

  1. Kaleb Cox
  2. Kane Sherman
  3. Gia Hibeon
  4. Owen Widick
  5. Logan Wood
  6. Taelor Collins
  7. Jonathan Andrichuk
  8. Peyson Genson
  9. Garrett Reuter
  10. Evan Peacock

Blue Rookie:

  1. Jace Thurein
  2. Peyton Knight
  3. Tyler Wirth
  4. Caitlin Lovell
  5. Raynie Hughes
  6. Lilly Genson

Junior Honda:

  1. Quinn Thurein
  2. Quinn Davis
  3. Drew Sherman
  4. Althea Standiferd
  5. Corbin Rueschenberg
  6. Tyler Johnson
  7. Ayden Brandon
  8. Caleb Johnson
  9. Emory Johnson
  10. Jeffrey Erickson
  11. Harlow Hovey

Senior Honda:

  1. Justis Sokol
  2. Tyler Reif
  3. Wyatt Koontz
  4. Kenneth Ellis 4
  5. Preston Norbury
  6. Jesse Johnson Jr
  7. TJ Wyman
  8. James Andrichuk
  9. Holly Clark
  10. Bradley Erickson
  11. Sean Salazar

Heavy Honda 120:

Junior Animal:

  1. Quinn Thurein
  2. Drew Sherman
  3. Corbin Rueschenberg
  4. Tyler Johnson
  5. Caleb Johnson
  6. Jeffrey Erickson


Senior Animal:

  1. Colby Sokol
  2. Wyatt Koontz
  3. Kenneth Ellis 4
  4. James Andrichuk
  5. Holly Clark
  6. Sean Salazar

Light 160:

  1. Justis Sokol
  2. Gage Bowers
  3. Tyler Reif
  4. Preston Norbury
  5. Jesse Johnson jr
  6. TJ Wyman
  7. Caleb Johnson
  8. Holly Clark
  9. Bradley Erickson

Heavy 160:

  1. Ayden Collins

Light W.F.:

  1. Colby Sokol
  2. Gage Bowers
  3. Preston Norbury
  4. TJ Wyman

Heavy W.F.:

Mod W.F.:

Total Entries – 64